Sunday, February 20, 2011

One last post for today, only because I want to get it into the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge for the week, and I am awake right now. Just so you know, mixing Design Papers is one of my nemeses. Seriously. It is usually so hard for me to do because there is such a small space, and usually the paper pattern is so big, and well... I just struggle with it. I didn't have as much trouble with this one. Maybe because they were from the same matstack? Who knows. 
The challenge this week at Flourishes was to  use 3 or more Design Papers. EEEEEeeeeeeekkk. OK... so in this one I used technically 4, but I think I am going to count the base as 5, because it is not a solid taupe, it is slightly speckled.  The top layer is slightly lined, tweed looking paper. I stamped the image from the "From the Desk of" that I won in the February Winter Thaw challenge on this DP. I colored this one up (colors below), and then cut it out with the Deckle Nestie and edged with the W00, W1 and W3 Copic. The dark green DP and Blue DP I cut out with the same Nestie and edged again with the W00, W1 and W3 Copics. The Last DP is the big floral one in the background and it is also edged (airbrushed) with the W00, 1, 3. The bow is made out of Ivory ribbon I recently got from Flourishes. Iw is nice and sweet and soft. I like it a lot.

Copics Used:

B91, 93 - Vase, Ribbon, Pen
E50, 51, 53 - Papers
YG93, G94, 99 - Leaves and centers of flowers
R81, 83, 85 and E93 for the flower petals. After I was done with them, I went back into the centers with a Wine multiliner and added the thin dark streaks.

I will say that it was a little weird coloring on the DP. It soaked up REALLY fast, and bled a little, so had to be really light with the touch.

OK... This is my last card to go up this weekend. Time for more cold meds! Hope you all have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


Caught a Little Bug

Ok, something awful and wicked is making the rounds in our neck of the woods. Or multiple somethings. My youngest has missed 6 1/2 days of school just since January 6. And this last one was a doozy that had her out for 4 days. That was 2 weeks ago when it started. Flash forward... that doozy of a cold was given to my hubby and me. YUCK and ICK.

So, when I got in the latest Paper Pretties Stamps that I bought I had this little darling in there, and in between sneezing and downing cold meds, managed to color her up. The challenge over at Paper Pretties this week is to make a card for a child. I thought this was the perfect image for this challenge.

I colored her up with my Copics, and wanted to make her hair a different color. I love the BV0x family and this shade of purple. The dress is BG0x family and her skin is the E0x family. The wings are RV0x and the little bug is V0x family.  On all of these I used mainly the lighter colors in the family. I think only on the medicine box did I go darker with R05 and R08.

The leaf is YG21, 23, 25 and a little bit of G28 in the very center. I liked the color, and like how it almost matches perfectly the green paper I found. That was really strange.The DP paper is from KaiserKraft Utopia collection.
Once I had colored her completely I added Spica to her wings and her hair to give it a glimmer. She was cut out and then popped up on the green oval . The Background beaded oval was cut out and while still in the Nestie I used the BV01 and airbrushed it. I did the same with the oval that the sentiment is on... then I stamped the sentiment with Versafine and clear embossed. 
As I said before, I am entering this into Paper Pretties challenge this week, and I am also going to enter it into the Crazy 4 Challenges Challenge which was to use die cuts on your image. 

Thanks for stopping by. Going to go and down some more cold meds and see if I can color something up before they take effect. :-)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sittin Here

This is a card I did a few days ago... ok... a couple of weeks... is that a few?  I think it counts. This is Racy Roxie from Kenny K images. I colored her up with my copics. I love her flaming hair. I have no clue what colors I used for it. ARGHHHHHH. I think I used it as R02, 05, 08 as well as YR14, and maybe some E08... maybe... ACK I hate it when that happens. Her outfit is G12, 14, 16, 17 and 19, and the yellows are Y11, 13, 15, 17.  Her skin is my typical E0000, 000, 00 and 01 with R20 as blush. The glasses were BG0000 and interlaced with the under green of G12.  Once I was done, I added some crystal effects. It looks really cool all shiny and like the little Barbie glasses you used to get with the "cool" outfits. LOL. 

I added the black and white checkerboard print paper on the edges of each side, and then the sentiment is Impression Obsession. I think it was intended to go with the Outhouse stamp. LOL... I also have a plunger and toilet paper stamp. I need to have fun with that somehow.  

The blingy stuff are some crystal swirls I bought and then cut apart to add in areas. I tried to make it look like the wind, but I really REALLY don't want to see black wind anywhere. ICK. 

Ok... As you can probably all tell I am REALLY tired, and I am going to head up to bed and watch the new Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds something spinoff. Have a great night!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lil Lovebug

Here is my second post of the day... Mainly because I don't know when I will get to post this another time, and tomorrow is Valentines Day and I want it up for Valentines. :-)

I got this SUPER SWEET Paper Pretties Stamp Set "Be My Lovebug". IT IS ADORABLE. I think it is so cute. And quite frankly a little bit on the difficult side to color Copic wise. Now it may not seem that way, but to me the hardest colors to color and get a good blend with still having dimension and not bleeding are reds and blacks. 

Reds are hard because if you make one misstep they are extremely hard to erase - - especially the darker you get. Blacks are hard, because it is a fine line between too light and too dark as to obscure the features you are coloring.

I colored this reverse of what I usually do. Normally I color the light colors first, and then move toward the darker colors. For this one, I started with the blacks. I started with C1, C3 and C5 and added a very little bit of C7 to the physical features of the ladybugs. I added a bit of R20 to the cheeks to give them a little bit of a blush.  I then moved to the dots on their capes, and then the hat and shoes. Last was his bow tie. 

Once I finished all the blacks, I went and did the reds. For the reds I used R22, 24, 27, 29 and 39.   The last main colors were the B21 on the dress and shirt. I used the tip to tip method with the colorless blender for the shirt and dress. I wanted some shading, but I was trying to make them look white.  I finished up with the flowers (RV21, 23, 25, YG23, 25) and the antennae which were Y23, 26, 28.

I then used my Nestie to cut the image out and while still in it I used the airbrush with the B21, YG21 and G21 to airbrush. I cut out the next bigger size Nestie out of red. While still in the Nestie I airbrushed the inside with 110.  I cannot remember what the DP is, but I love the white and black look. 

I am entering this into this weeks Paper Pretties challenge which was a Valentine inspired theme.

Hope you all enjoyed it, and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Rise and Shine

Hey there. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Quick post right now to share my take on the Bombshell Stamps February Sketch Challenge. Here is my entry. I loved the symmetry of the sketch this month and will be using it more in the future.

The lovely lady is Ms. Rise and Shine, as are the portholes. I went fairly simple with the coloring and used only a few colors. B91,93,95 and Y32, 35. Her hair is E11, 13, 15 and her skin is E50, 51, 53.
The only thing a little mixy is that I first colored under her outfit with E51. Then I went over it with the C0, 1 and 3 family. This was to make it a little sheer. Then I added the "lace" at the top and leg with a Multiliner pen.

I picked this set mainly because of the portholes and how the circle mimicked them. I thought it added some additional umph to the sketch. I found this rope looking fiber sitting around and used it to "hang up" the hammock. I gave this card to a co-worker who loves the 50s pin up style.

Thanks for stopping by. You should go check out what all the other lovely Bombshells have done with the sketch over at the Bombshell Blog or the Bombshell Forum. And... if you enter, you might have a chance to win some RUBBER. Nothing bad with that!

Talk to you soon.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Birthday Card

For those of you who saw my last post, you know my saga of the undelivered Birthday card. OK... so I did make my Sister in Law a new card. She loves Wonder Woman, so I used this image I found on the web drawn by comic book artist Mike Deodato Jr.  I printed it out and colored it. I know I did not do it justice, but I really love the image. I then did a sidestep card and had the Wonder Woman red and white stripes from the old show coming out at angles.

Her skin is E50, 51, 53 and R20 for the rosiness. I used all colors in the 2X family - so the reds are all R22, 24, 27, 29, the browns E25, 27, 29 the blues are B23, 24, 26 and the Yellows are Y21, 23, 26, 28. The only exception to that is the glowing of the lasso in which I used Y00 and Y11.
I really enjoyed coloring her. I added a bit of Copic white to the stars on her outfit and the eyes and teeth to make them more brilliant.

I am so glad that she got it. I will be back soon with another post. I have several cards I have made that I haven't posted yet. YAY... My next one I THINK will be the Bombshell February Sketch Post. She is a lovely lady just waking up from her nap.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lost Birthday Card!

So, a few weeks ago I made a card for my Sister in Law for her birthday. SIGH.... and mailed it. Only it never made  it to its destination. I have held off posting it hoping and praying it would get there... cuz I still wanted it to be a surprise. I have given up any faith in the USPS getting it to her since it has been 3 weeks. So  I have made her a second card (different) and UPS'd it overnight to her, and hope I will have much better luck this time. So here is my old lost card that I LOVED.

The design paper is Graphic 45. The background paper is some that I made from plain brown paper to look like metal. There is a tutorial on the paper over at the Bombshell Stamps Blog that I put together. The flowers are Recollections and the little doo-dads are Tim Holtz.

The image is from Sweet Pea Stamps. I colored her up using all sorts of Brown Copic markers. I would list them all, but I think it would be quicker to list the ones I did not use - E9x series and E4x series. Other than that, I think I used some of all the rest of them. The greens are YG 63, 67 and the yellows are Y2x series.  I cut her out after coloring her, and added her to a cut out Steampunk paper that I edged with brown ink.

So there is my lovely lady. I hope you all enjoyed her. And Michelle - I hope you like your new card. It should be there Thursday or Friday!!! I have a tracking number this time.

Thank you for stopping by. I should have another card to post soon.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boysenberry Beauty

The release week challenge over at Flourishes is a winter thaw photo-inspiration challenge. Well we all need a thaw because BRRRRRrrr... I just bought the Berries set from Flourishes, and although I know that these are supposed to be raspberries, I like boysenberries better. Go figure.

Most people are only familiar with Boysenberries from IHOP syrup (IMO the best of the flavored syrups at IHOP). I like Boysenberry jelly though too. YUM. Boysenberries are real. They are a cross between a blackberry, raspberry and a loganberry. Now here is the weird part. Loganberries are crosses between raspberries and blackberries... So wouldn't a Boysenberry be a loganberry????? And something I did not know, is that they have almost twice the anti-oxidants as blueberries. WOW.

I am not really sure if I got the color quite right. I tried really hard. I figure these are not quite ripe Boysenberries.  I think that I got a little closer to the berries on the front of Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park Gates, than actual ripe ones. :-)

I colored these a little differently than I usually do, in that I didn't blend quite as much. I started off with a base coat of V12. I added shading with V15 and a little V17. I tried to add more of the darker shading toward the bottom of the berries. However, since each drupelet (and yes that is a word - I was trying to figure out what to call each little section and that is the actual word - who knew?!), can have multiple colors, I tried to shade those as well.

Once I was done with the shading, I did one SLIGHT blend with the V12. Then I went back. Boysenberries have a reddish tint in addition to the purple. So in certain areas (darker primarily and some of the lighter drupelets), I added RV17 to it and blended SOME of it with the V12, but not all.

The Leaves and Stems are G21, 24, 28, and the flowers have a touch of Y0000 along the petals, and Y11 in the center.

To finish off the card I found a background paper of this purpley boysenberry color, and used the Lacy Square Nestie to cut it out. Through some weird twist of fate, I had a purple ribbon that matches almost perfectly.  The Nestie is popped up off of the white background. I am not sure if you can see it here, but the white is spritzed with Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Mist to give it a crystally sparkly look.  I added the crystals as an embellishment around the edge.

Since this also meets the criteria for the Copic Creations Challenge of Cool Colors, I am also entering it in that challenge.

Hope you all liked your tutorial on Boysenberries. LOL. Now I am hungry and going to go find something to eat.  Hope to see you again soon.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Favorite Things!

My favorite things is the theme for this weeks Kenny K Digital Image Challenge. Well that one was pretty easy. My favorite things are my children and husband. This image reminds me so much of my older daughter Sarah. She is all quiet and stuff, unless you get her out of her shell. Plus, she loves to play the guitar. She has this hair that she REFUSES to keep out of her eyes. If it had a crazy skull cap on it, it would have been absolutely identical. LOL.
So I had to color this up with the Copics. I dressed her in black, because that is so Sarah. The guitar colors were some of her favorites (or at least they used to be).  The background is embossed with a music themed folder and then airbrushed as is the edge of the nestie I cut her out in. The flowers have also been airbrushed. The edge was airbrushed with the black 110 after the B24, R27. I tried to go light, but I wanted a little grungy look so I let the spray eek over the image. I kind of like how that ended up. It just gave it some dimension I think. There is also some spica over the guitar, her hair and eye. The background Design Paper is symmetrical and even, which also reminds me of Sarah. So goth-lite over the top of organized and OCD (she gets that last part from her father - hahahahahaha). That is what I see, and why I love this image so much! I love you Sarah!!!!

Colors below:

Blues: B21, 23, 24, 26, 29
Hair and Boots - E30,31, 33, 35, 37
Skin - E000, 00, 01, R20
Reds - R22, 24, 27, 29, 39

Thanks for stopping by: Hope to see you again soon.