Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Altered Ego

Miss April's challenge was to Alter something. You can change its purpose or just take the plain and make it beautiful, bring out your Altered ego.

Initially I tried to stamp on some glass with staz-on. And I tried some more. And I wiped it off and tried some more. And... cursed a bit... and tried some more. Needless to say I now believe that staz-on is the devils tool sent to torture poor unsuspecting stampers. I was a little high from the fumes by this time, so the revelation - although a bit disconcerting to believe that the devil has attacked an inanimate object in my house  - actually made a bit of sense.

So I went back to something I felt more comfortable with - Copic Ink.

I took YG25, B26 and V15 and dripped a few drops of each on a paper plate. Then I swirled it together just a little bit... Too much and it looked muddy. To little and it is just a bunch of polka dots randomly placed on a plate.

I then dipped the wooden block from an unmounted stamp set I have in the ink. I did this on all sides until I got the marbled look. Cool huh?!!!

I then took the parrot from "A Pirate's Life" and colored him up. I used the same base colors of YG25, B26, V15 along with lighter and darker versions of those colors. I also used R24, 27, 29.  Once I was done I cut it out. I think that turned out taking longer than actually coloring it did.

I Mod-Podged it to the wood block, and then used ModPodge Dimensional magic on the top to make it smoother than the mod podge alone did. As a final note I added the flowers. And this is what I ended up with:

Do I have any clue what I will use it for? NO FREAKING IDEA! But it was fun all the same. :-)

I hope you jump on over the the Bombshell Stamps blog on Wednesday, and check out all the altered items created by the Bombshells and Pin-Ups. And if you join in, you could win some rubber. Just so you know. ;-)



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