Sunday, October 9, 2011

Heavy Metal - MissAlaineous' style

So Flourishes release week challenge this week is Heavy Metal.  Use a little Heavy Metal on your card. I chose to use this GORGEOUS wreath to make this.

I used several different greens to get the greenery - from G21, 24, 28 to YG63, 67 to G82, 85 and 94, 99...I did this to try to get massive color gradiation - alas... can't tell  there are that many greens in here. Hmmm. Back to the drawing board. In my last post I talked about really liking the B60, 63, 66 colors, and these are what I used. I was going for a silvery blue color throughout, and tried to make everything realted in color. Once I was done I used the stardust pen to go over the ribbon and the balls and pine cones to make them look a bit shiny and glittery and a little metallic.

The final Metal piece is - - you got it - - metal. :-)  This is a sheet of metal foil that I used my Impressabilities on and ran it through my grand Calibur. So now you have the snowflakes in the background.

Hope you enjoy, and I did make another card so far this weekend and plan on making a couple more... so I will definitely have at least one to share tomorrow. And honestly, I think it is my favorite simple card in a while. Not sure why, but I love how it turned out. So I hope you come back again and see how this one turns out too. TTFN!



  1. Oops. I commented that I loved the metallic aspects and the soft color scheme. But then I forgot to use the word thingy.

  2. MMMM just gorgeous Alaine! I love all those greens and the metallic is beautiful