Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LEAP-ing Lasso - it's a blog hop Batman!!

OMG it has been TWO WEEKS since I have posted. ACK. I do have a good excuse. We had visitors from another country at work for two weeks and I was crazy busy not only during the days but also taking them out to eat almost every night. On the plus side I had a LOT of great food that was paid for by Work. WHOOP!

But that is not what we are here for! It is that time again... Time for the BOMBSHELL BLOG HOP. This time Alison, Our Blog QUEEN and massively creative hostess has challenged us to LEAP INTO ACTION. Yes... it is LEAP DAY!!! She wants our Bombshells to be heroes. There are all types of heroes. Everyday heroes, action heroes, quiet heroes... the sky is the limit. You should have arrived from Glittery Katie's AMAZING blog. If not, head on back to the Bombshell Blog to make sure you get all the Leapy goodness in.

Well my heroine leaps into action all the time.  With her invisible plane, and her lasso of truth, she is truly a Wonder Woman.

I cannot think of Wonder Woman without thinking of Lynda Carter's version.  We watched this religiously growing up - - my Dad really, REALLY liked Wonder Woman. I Wonder why??? HAHA.

To get the outfit on her, I took Bombshell Angel and masked out a bit of her hair and the flower in her hair to allow me to put the headpiece on, and a little bit of her shoes so I could draw the boots. I drew on the boots, headpiece, and armbands. Then I added the details of her outfit and a little bit more hair, cuz Wonder Woman back then had the Texas Big Hair thing going on! The background is simple cardstock that I cut out in the design, with punched stars. I have to admit my Absolute favorite part of the whole card is her mini lasso. HEE HEE.

Now why don't y'all Leap on over to Kickis Kaos blog and see what SUPER thing her Bombshells have leaped into.

If you get lost on your journey, you can check back here and check it all out.

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Colors Used - E000,00,11,R20 - Skin; C1,3,5,7,9 - Hair; Y11, 23, 26, R22, 24, 29, 39, B23, 26, 29 - Outfit.  Stars and boots have Copic White on them.

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  1. This is Frikken awesome hun!!! I ADORE her!!! I LOVE Wonder Woman so much!!!

  2. ACK! Alaine!!! She is FABULOUS! I know that Wonder Woman ONLY looks like Linda Carter and you did this PERFECTLY and such detail! AMAZING!!!!!

  3. I love Wonder Woman, the background, the lasso! This card's awesome!

  4. I am absolutely, positively, in LOVE with this!!! What a fabulous card, and you did an amazing job with her costume! Seriously, it's too damn cool. The background rocks too! Awesome job, Alaine!

  5. When I was a little girl I was absolutely obsessed with Wonder Woman...I even had little Wonder Woman outfits I would just wear around the house, so I love this so much!! She looks great!

  6. This is totally WONDERful. You did a great job morphing the angel into Wonder Woman. I love your background too.

    When you said you had made a mini lasso, I was worried that you were also doing Wonder Woman. I think yours is better. So there.

  7. Your wonder woman is awesome! LOVE her!

  8. Nice! :) I love the lasso!! And the colors are wonderful!

  9. Awesome card & I love the lasso too!