Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Like it HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Howdy all. WOW - IT is so amazing that it is already that time again - time to hop along with the Bombshells. You should have arrived from Jodi's beautifumous blog.

Out Hop theme this month is Some Like it Hot.

Well I will say OBVIOUSLY my Bombshell is HOT because 1) she is a Bombshell, and 2) is oviously outside enjoying a nice day with her umbrella under a Cherry Blossom Tree and 3) she has a distinct lack of clothing (the umbrella is hiding her nekkididity).

I colored her very simply using light pinks and peaches. And I did not write down the colors - but I think RV42 was one of them. :-)

Now - here is what is fun...

See the dots in the middle of the flowers, and the center of the umbrella and her hair chopsticks. Well this my friends is what happens when You decide to cut out using a Nestie a circle AFTER you have attached the cute little pearls. They SMUSH!!!! HEE HEE.

Ok - now it is time to head on over to Katie's blog. If you get lost along the way - the entire list is below.

Bombshell Blog:
Glittery Katie:



  1. Alaine I love what you did with this image and the cherry blossoms!!! And pink and brown is just such a great combo. Really nicely done. Good on ya, girl! :)

  2. This is absolultey gorgeous Alaine, the oriental feel is spot on. I love everything about this!

  3. "nekkididity" -- new word! I like it! But how do you know she's not wearing granny panties and an orthopedic bra under the umbrella. You don't. So there.

    It's a fabulous card with your usual wonderful coloring. The cherry blossom tree is gorgeous too!

    And now I know not to die cut after applying pearls. I wonder what would happen with rhinestones. You experiment and let me know. OK?

  4. This card is so pretty. I love those cherry blossoms and the color combo!

  5. So, so pretty! And I love your smooshed pearls! Those cherry blossoms are stunning.

  6. That is gorgeous. Those flowers rock. So pretty.
    You may have smooshed your pearls but what was left is kinda cool too. It's a happy accident.
    Happens to me alot while I'm crafting. Thanks for sharing