Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Have a Drink - While You Hop

Hey there guys. It is time for the Bombshell Hump Day Hop! Allison - our hostess with the most-est (HAHAHAHA... it autocorrected to Moistest) set our theme as a color theme. I tried to match the colors... and when you print it out and hold it against the colors it is pretty darn close. Far away - it looks not so much - more vague.

The colors are:

Cherry Palette.jpg

And I matched as close as I can - in order they were:
E40 - BG11 - BG09 - RV99 - R89 - YG03

And here is what I ended up with:

The stamp set is Calaveras Fiesta.. and has all these little drinkies that are just looking so nummy. I love me some fruity drinks... So I would go for the margarita type ones first.

Ok... so here is what I LOVE about this card. It is my first attempt at brushing, spritzing then smushing.  I took the YG03, the BG09 and the RV99... I have a cutting mat that is VERY slick on the reverse side, and I airbrushed the three colors in several different splotches on the back. I oversprayed some colors, and then left some more separate. Once done - I spritzed it with a fine mist spray bottle filled with standard household alcohol (No - not the drinking kind LOL).

As it was beading up and wet, I took a piece of white paper and layed it down and just smushed it in. No dragging it or moving it... just sticking it down. And Voila - this cool background. I LOVE IT! I will be doing this again and again - playing with the colors.

OK... now on to your next stop which is Glittery Katie - and she always has absolutely fab stuff!!!!

If you get lost along the way - here is the full list. I hope you have some fun!!!!

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Glittery Katie:



  1. I am totally trying that technique. It sure yielded a fabulous background for you.

    I have a caveat for you. I recently spilled a bottle of rubbing alcohol all over my desktop (dousing a certain bag of cameos, ahem). After I dried it all up, my room absolutely reeked of rubbing alcohol, so I opened a window. My huband, the chemist, checked in on me, asked why my room reeked, and made me keep the door and window open to cross-ventilate. Apparently, breathing the fumes is not a good idea. Who knew?

    Anyway, I digress. I love all your lovely (slightly morbid) drinks and would gladly sacrifice my sobriety so that you didn't have to drink alone. :D

    Maybe one day.

  2. Love your background! And...I just may be the "moistest" with this darn cold! LOL. What a clever idea for your wording too. You inspire me.

  3. Fantastic card! I love the background you created.