Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You are Unique - Just like Everybody Else

Hi there and Happy Tuesday! It is WAY WAY early for me, since I have already driven my husband to the airport, and come back and played with the puppies, and and and... Usually I am not even out of bed at this time, and I am sitting here already ready to go to work. WEIRD. And after all that - husbands flight delayed, so I could have stayed in bed! In fact, as I was typing this, my normal alarm went off. Grrrr... let's change the greeting to Happy Monday 2. 

This is one of the new lovely ladies from SCACD in the Brave Hearts Collection. She is called You-nique. I LOVE her little hat. I immediately wanted her in teals and purples. I think because I thought of Sully from Monsters Inc with her hat.  I put the card together with all the pretty leaves, and then thought Um... I have googly eyes. I will add those near the sentiments. To me it makes it Unique. LOL. 

Blues are BG09, 05, 01, BG78. The purples are the V17, 15, 12, 09. 

I should have another card to share later this week.


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