Sunday, August 9, 2015

School is starting and Halloween comes soon

So I thought I would make a Halloween card.

This image is Be You and comes in Digital and for those of you who like the tactile feel - Rubber! In Rubber it is also part of the Brave Hearts Collection.

I love coloring different colored hair. So for this picture I thought I needed to mix up the green and purple again. 

So school starts tomorrow for my 16 year old. SIGH. Time is flying! Can't wait to see her Junior year - hopefully it will be her best  year ever. Whenever school starts - I always think of Halloween. Love costumes ... I thought this lovely needed to be on a Halloween card. :-)

Colors used - V12, 15, 17, 09, YG99, 17, 13, YR09, 18, 16, 02, Y15, 11, E04, 21, 11, 00, 000, R20. 

The dots around the edges are G5, 9, Y15, V12. 


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