Monday, June 28, 2010

Airbrushing and Masking

As part of my last Outlines Rubber Stamp design work, I was working on Christmas Cards. I have received a couple of questions about how I colored the background for one of them from some friends. Since I didn't take pictures as I went along, I decided to repeat the design... so there are a couple of color differences in the background compared to the finished product that I did have a picture of. I think my newest one is a bit darker.

Step 1 - Stamp the design twice, and cut out one of them very carefully. Apply Removable adhesive, and mask your second image.

Step 2 - Airbrush the first and lightest color. I chose B23.

Step 3 Airbrush the second darkest color. For this set it was B24.  

Step 4 Airbrushed the Darkest color. This was B26 for this one.

Step 5 - Sky - - I went over this one with BV04 to add some richness. I think this is why this one is so dark. The one on the finished card below did not have the BV04 added.

Last step for Sky - I airbrushed Copic Spica on the sky. I did this by holding the Spica (clear) in front of the airbrush and spritzing it.

Once I finished the sky I remasked the image to cover some of the sky, and airbrushed the ground. I used the same principle... starting with E33, E35 and E37.

After this, I removed all the masks, and then had to touch up around certain areas. I started with the lightest color I used and colored the teeny areas missed with the lightest, then next, then next Until I got it to look as good as I could. 

On this one I sometimes would airbrush areas of the pots, or crown, etc... This is because I intend to add crystals over it to cover it up anyway, and I was trying to be easy on myself. (Or lazy  :-)  )

After this, I colored the entire image, and added a lot of Crystals to get this final card. 

Thanks for stopping buy and taking a look at my Blog today. Hope you come back again.



  1. Gorgeous airbrushing.. What a wonderful background.. Thanks for the tutorial..

  2. Alaine - your coloring is GREAT!!!

    You also won the Our Craft Lounge Sketch Challenge drawing for the month of June. Please e-mail me at with your choice of an OCL stamp set and your full name and mailing address so we can send it out to you!

    Heather McNally
    Creative Projects Coordinator
    Our Craft Lounge

  3. Wow, fabulous card, and the tutorial was great!

  4. Wow, this is gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!