Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Give it to Me ONE MORE TIME!

Hey there y'all!  It is that time of the month again when we celebrate all things Bombshell via a krazy fun Blog hop. This month Alison challenged us to think inside the box - the gift box that is. She asked that instead of a card we make a gift. It has been the season of giving you know! you should have arrived from taking a gander at Alex's project... if not, hop on over to the Bombshell stamps blog to start the hop out!
I have made two different gifts. The first one I made for my Sister-in-law and gave her her gift of Wonder Woman Pajamas in it. I have been dying to post it, but didn't want to blow the surprise. She got it Sunday night, and I haven't posted since then. :-)

I used a box I found at Hobby Lobby, and I added DCWV paper to it, I then steampunked it out with all sorts of doo dads, and then I added the Bombshell Retro Cowgirls and then made her a lovely Steampunky Dress type thing. I used tracing paper to design with pencil the dress. Then I used a lightbox to transfer the dress design onto the thicker paper to allow me to corlor it. To "top" it off I added the hat from the Halloween Costume Digi Stamps.

The second gift I made was a real departure for me - in the dimensional sense.

I used gold and white paper and mod-podged a wooden egg. I then colored up the lovely Rose in shades of yellowy gold (Y11, 21, 23, 26, 28). I cur out Rose, and then I trimmed her up a little to allow me to mold it to the egg. So where the back hairline meets the front hairline I cut it to the rose, and then tucked the back hair slightly under the front portion. I did the same with her hair on the side.

Once I mod Podged her up and it dried, I added all sorts of delicious bling all over the egg to give it a little dimension and interest to the back.  I am entering her in the iCopic bling in the New Years Challenge.

There you have it. My attempt at mixed media (well a little bit of mixing), and gifts for the holidays.

Thank you for stopping by. The next stop on you hop is the INCREDIBLY talented Milo!!!! If you get lost on your way the full list is below.

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  1. Wow! What awesome, awesome projects! I am so in love with that box...especially because you designed her dress yourself! It is so cool, and looks like she actually comes that way! It's pretty fabulous! And that egg is so cool! What a cool idea!

  2. I absolutely love both of them. The outfit for your Bombshell is beyond fabulous. The egg... WOW! Love it and love that you shared how you tucked to keep clean lines. LOVE!!!!

  3. Both of your projects are really gorgeous! Wonderful work!:)

  4. Both projects are fantastic and I do love them both.

    I'm very impressed by the egg one. That would have stymied me forever!

  5. That egg is eggcellent (sorry couldn't resist) but truly it is way kewl. Thanks for telling how you kept her lines clean. This would look gorgeous in a pretty egg cup set out for Easter, or all year for that matter.

    The case is pretty spiffy too. That dress is just over the top and looks like it is part of the original stamp. Of course, you really shouldn't have given away my jammies though.

  6. Faberge's got NOTHING on you, girl! That egg is SO unique! The bling is simply FABU! I love your steamy box. You totally punked that image!!

  7. Way to go Alaine!!! I love both of your creations!! You are awesome and wow... where did you think up these cool idea's? I would love to get inside your head one day!!! LOL!!! Have a wonderful and safe New Year!!! Hugs!!!