Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Christmas Card of the Year

Hey there guys. This is the last Christmas Card I will be posting for the 2012 season. Yeah, I know... Christmas is over, Blah Blah Blah. But, I didn't get this one posted, and so I will just do so now! HA!

This is a gift card holder I made for my cousin for the Christmas gift exchange. I used Stamps by Judith, and different shades of blue. The snowman itself has shades of B0000, 000, 00 and a little sparkly stuff thrown in. The scarf and mittens are the B2x family, and 24, 27, 29. The boots and hat are C1 - 7. Once I was done, I cut out the image, and then I left it in the hodler and used my airbrush to place B24 (I think) as the sky. I tried to make it darker at the edges. If you look at the image up close, you can see the overspray on some of the snowman and hat of the B24. I actually really like this effect. To me it softens it a bit, and makes it seem as if it is snowing maybe. In the end I added some Gelly Roll Clear Star to it to give it some sparkle (the snowflakes and the lights and a little on the snow.

The inside was done with the same colors, although the from panel ended up being REALLY dark compared to the other. Need to practice a little better control. LOL. Actually looking back at the pictures I think it is the little image inside that is the off color. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, hope to see you back soon. I have a spring card I have made and will post soon using Flourishes stamps, and I have been having a blast coloring up some of the new Kraftin Kimmie Alice in Wonderland series - although I am thinking I need more practice on Alice. And as always, January brings a month full of Bombshell goodness with it.

Talk to you soon.


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