Saturday, May 5, 2012

Be Inspired by your home!

So Flourishes Release Week challenge is to be inspired by something in your home. Ok... so here is the deal - to be inspired by our home right now ... well that would involve lots of dirty clothes... or clean clothes in piles. Or books and crafty stuff laying everywhere... and I have no Flourishes stamps that would allow me to do this. :-)

On the other hand - I have lots of clover in my yard... and a few dandelions. Now... to let you know, in case you don't, Clover when mowed makes a REALLY pretty yard. I am standing behind that story. Forever!

I have the clover stamps, but I wanted something that truly expressed many of the weeds  uh... beautiful flowers... in my yard.

I colored the flowers up. I decided that the daisy looking flowers looked like the dandelions in my yard, and the clover with the clover blooms... Then we also have this ivy in the front yard with really pretty purple flowers. So that was the inspiration. :-)

See - this is my backyard... From a distance, the clover looks really pretty. A beautiful green lawn.  Close up.... welll..... clover. :-) At least the white flowers go with the green very well.
Copic Colors used: B000 for the white flowers, Y13, 15, 17 for the yellow, G12, 14, 16 for the clover leaves, V12, 15 for the purple flowers, Y04, 08 for the bees. G21, 24, 28 and YG23, 25 for some of the leaves.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon.



  1. Oh so pretty! I love the round shape of the card and your coloring is lovely! Your backyard looks so inviting too!

  2. Hee hee, I love your inspired explaination :) I have housecleaning in order today too!

    I love the sunshiney clover card! This is so pretty Alaine! Thanks for playing along with us at Flourishes!

  3. The card is nature personified or at any rate cardified. I really like it and can I just say - I want your yard.

  4. Very pretty, great round card. And your backyard is gorgeous. I would love this everyday when I walked outside. Beautiful view and so lush and gree. Even with clover. hee hee Thanks for playing in Flourishes Home Sweet Home Challenge.

  5. Hi Alaine! I love your shaped card!! The image is so gorgeous. You have such a beautiful backyard. I am so envious, as nothing grows in my house ;)

  6. Looks very inviting! Love your card, too!

  7. Your backyard is gorgeous and your card lovely!