Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quick Card from Today

I was going to have a pic of my mothers day card to my mom. Sadly - I did not take a photo of it!!!!!! So here is a card I colored up earlier today.

I colored this up in about 20 minutes. I was SHOCKED. It took me longer to make the rest of the card then it did to color it which is scary, because it is a really simple card.

The stamp is a StampScapes Old Mill. I colored it up with B91 for the sky, BG72, 75, 78 for the water, YG61, 63, 67 for the grass, W1, 3, 4, 6 for the rocks and E04, 07 for the barns. The trees are G82, 85 and E74, 77. Once I had it colored, I cut it out with a Nestie, and then cut out the next size up out of white. While it was still in the Nestie I airbrushed it with black. (Despite scrubbing with alcohol I still have leftover black on my fingers to prove it.) 

I stamped a simple sentiment from Flourishes on the black background and then added the pearls.

Thank you for stopping by.



  1. Beautiful and so serene. Great job coloring it. The black sets it off so nicely.

  2. I love your scene card and being from the mountains of Westen North Carolina, I consider you a neighbor!!