Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two posts in one night - Must be Challenge time

Yes, Yes it is - Release Week Challenges at Flourishes. This is the second card I have completed tonight, and honestly - this was also a quickie. Obviously. CAS, and all that. This noon-time challenge was for Country Roads. Share the favorite country roads that inspired you. 

At first I thought the song Country Roads - but I couldn't find anything to resemble moonshine. When I think of a true country road out here - it is the Tail of the Dragon. Now - I am not sure it is my favorite road. Honestly I really prefer to drive it at night. Mainly because the strobe effect is much less and I can concentrate only on what is in front of me, and I can see cars coming at me. Of course the fact that I saw HUGE SNAKES on the road then didn't help. It is a pretty road. If you aren't throwing up... which a lot of people I know do. Here is an aerial view:

This is a HUGE motorcylce road. I still won't ride it on my scooter though, and My scooter is pretty powerful. That isn't the point. The point is it is CURVES... and lots of them... 318 in an 11 mile stretch to be exact. And by curves I mean hairpin. HAIRPIN!!!! If you want to see a great video check here. You can see the lovely strobe effect. Now... trust me.. It is a BEAUTIFUL road. Again - if you aren't prone to motion sickness - at all. I am not... yet, I was a tad nauseous. Blaming it on the strobes of the sun through the trees... but  whatever. BLECK.

I used the traingular banner stamp to make the trees on here. The bottom is airbrushed with black to be the mountain. The top is airbrushed with B34 for the sky.  I liked the laciness of the pattern on my trees - to me it simulates the strobe effect you get when driving it. HAHA.

OK... Going to head on up to bed. Work tomorrow then THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Cool card!! One of these days I plan on riding that road on my bike! Just gotta get down there- was hoping this fall, but we'll see...

  2. Oh! My! Golly!! What a Super Fabulous Idea!! This is one of those, "Why Didn't I Think Of That? ideas!! I love, love it and think this is the best idea I've seen in a while ;)

    Thank you for playing along with us in Flourishes Noontime Challenge!

    ~ Amanda :)

  3. LOL Okay your story about the road made me giggle. My hubby would ride his bike through there in a heart beat. NOT me! I would be puking and well I am not one for snakes either... Anyways.... Great black and white card! Thanks for playing in Flourishes country road challenge.

  4. Well, seen as I can get a little road sick from these kinds of roads -- not sure I'll be taking a spin on it anytime soon! LOL! I do LOVE the creativity of your card -- so pretty and what a fun inspiration!

  5. Fabulous CAS card. I love the quote and I love those beautiful silhouette trees.

    That road would have me tossing my cookies if I were a passenger. If I were driving it, I'd have serious white knuckles and hand cramps.