Sunday, August 18, 2013

A day late... and now many dollars short. :-)

So, I intended to post this creation yesterday, but life once again got in the way. Earlier this summer my 14 year old was diagnosed with Kidney stones. .. Well the first one passed, but the one on the left was in the kidney and it decided to move yesterday - into her tubes, and in the process cause extreme pain and copious amounts of hurling. So, we spent yesterday at Children's Hospital, where she got her first experience with morphine. Yes... it was an interesting day. We are home now, and hoping she gets better, but we meet with the urologist Monday morning.

So, I am posting a tad late! SORRY!

Sassy Studio Designs is sponsoring Time 4 Scraps challenge this week which is Come to the Cabaret!

I took one of my favorite of the new release stamps and made her a cabaret cutie!

I used the Glittery Twinkle Glintz stack for the bottome and side panels of this center step card. Once it was done, I decided it needed a bit more BLING so added the silver stickles and the mesh and bead side embellishments.  Colors were primarily Cool greys, YR000, 00 and E11, and then reds are R24, 29, 39 and E 2x for her hair with a Y11 base.

The next card I have for you is a just for fun card I made using an SCACD stamp.  I love all things steampunky, and I really like coloring the metallic stuff.

For this one I used Y11, Y21, 23, 26, 28 for the golds. The feathers are using warm greys, and the silver is using neutral greys and E04. The browns are the E3x family. Metal is such a difficult thing to color as you have to account for the shine, and also it has a lot of extra colors sometimes like the rusty colors. But this sure was fun. The rivets are metallic - silver for on the gold  or brass areas, and copper on the silver areas.

That is the few dollars short hits. .. HEE HEE.. I had so much fun I went and bought some more images. :-)


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