Thursday, May 22, 2014

Curiouser and Curiouser

To continue on with the Alice in Wonderland Theme from yesterday, I present to you The Hatter:

The story behind Alice in Wonderland is very interesting, and one that I learned a lot about in Oxford when I was there on business. The Hatter in Alice in Wonderland was based on a furniture shop owner in Oxford, England who wore a top hat around all of the time. Apparently he would chase people down the street asking for payment. (This was said on a tour and I cannot substantiate or negate this fact). 

When I made this card, I tried to go for a mix between old Alice in Wonderland cartoon and the new Johnny Depp look in the dress and hair. I really wanted the purple and green, but it needed something else, so the turquoise was a happy accident.

I used the YG1x series, the V1x series and the BG0x series for the main colors. 

Have a GREAT week! See you again soon hopefully!


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