Saturday, June 7, 2014


One of the newest images for SCACD Digital is Before and After Kids. Instead I am going to title my creation as Before and After Vacation. 

Don't get me wrong - my vacation was awesome... and I didn't look nearly as relaxed before it on the before side.... but getting the creeping crud toward the end of vacation - AFTER you have a blistering sunburn.... Well... I would say that the after is definitely representative of how I have felt these last few days. LOL.

This is one of my faves from the new release. One of my favorite things to do is to blend and try to make different things blend together with distinct differences but not a real delineation between the two sides. This allowed me to play like heck with those techniques. I especially liked doing it with the skin.

Because I colored these with two different tones, listing the colors would be - yeah - not such a good idea. Lets just say LOTS. yeah - LOTS and LOTS

Once I was done, I took some 6 x 6 paper and just cut it down to a 5.5 x 5.5 size. I adore working with 6x6 paper. The 12 x 12 is gorgeous - but the images / design on it is so large that you lose so much of the detail. For most of the 6 x 6 paper pads, they keep the same images a lot but just reduce the entire thing... so you get all the design in a smaller space.

The final touches include some flowers to help frame out the image. For those I followed the different color theme and I think it worked out splendidly.

I hope to see you all back here again soon. Going to go take a breather and try not to hack up a lung LOL. Have a great summer guys!!!


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