Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am late and out of (football) season

So, the Bombshell Pin-Up Challenge this month was to FEEL up your Bombshells. My first attempt was - needless to say - DISASTROUS - Seriously BAD. Since I procrastinated a wee bit... THEN messed it up... well I missed the post day on the Bombshell Stamps Blog. But I had to do the challenge - I just had to - it was a moral imperative. So I looked at my stamps again, and picked a different image and started over.

I chose the very sexy Retro Cowgirl. Now I have always pictured her as a kind of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. So this time I just went with it. The outfits not quite the same, but dang close in my own mind... and in my husbands too... I showed her to him and asked what she was and he said she was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. This worked well for the feel me up challenge too... and for making it so I HAD to go shopping. Contrary to popular belief in my house, I do NOT own every crafty thing there is, and I did not have any white fringe. GASP.

So I got my White Fringe and away she goes.  I colored her up in Copics and where he little thin straps are for her top, I used those as the cutoff for the blue sleeves.

I also drew on a little fringe under her top to match the fringe from her bottoms. :-)

I really worked on the shadows on her, and tried to have a little shadow on her sleeve where he face is, and on her back leg where the other one is shading it. I can say shadows are where I need to work on. I can get shading well sometimes, but the shadows are a little harder for me to picture - so I started with little ones in this. Looking at it, I could have done some on her boots. Oh well...too late now.

So, if you haven't already - head on over to the Bombshell Blog page and check out the Feel Up Your Bombshell Challenge hosted by the ever so talented Ms. March - Alex. Share your take on the challenge and enter, and you might win a prize (RUBBER!!!!!).

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon (much sooner than last time).

Copic Colors Used - (no Copics were harmed in the making of this card)
B0000, B000 for the shading in the "white" areas.
B23, 24, 26, 29 for the blues
E000, 00, 11, R20 for her skin
YR30, Y21, 26, 28 for her hair

1 comment:

  1. This is totally fabulous. The coloring, shading, and shadowing.

    Now she'll always be a Dallas Cowgirls cheerleader for me.

    BTW, your post cracked me up. My family thinks that I have all the crafty stuff in universe packed into my room and are disappointed when I don't!