Monday, October 22, 2012

Muse Monday Post - Very Moving Sketleton

Over on Bombshell Stamps blog we are celebrating a different stamp set every month. This month - to go along with the Halloween and Dia De Las Muertas that the Bombshells ADORE is the Calaveras Fiesta stamp set.  Now, every time I see these happy skeletons I think they have to move, so that is what I have done!

I used two stamped images of Mr. Bones. The first I cut out the torso, and the second I cut out the limbs. On the limbs I left a small circle of the torso at the end of each one. Enough that I could punch a brad hole through as well. I punched the torso where I wanted to attach as well as the limbs and used white brads to attach the limbs. Then I added pop up foam behind the torso and attached it to the black paper. This allows the arms and legs to move around. And yes... every time I pass the card, which is sitting on my counter I move the arms and legs around and giggle. :D
Here is the set we are celebrating."Calaveras Fiesta" Unmounted Stamps

 Thanks for checking out my blog today. Hope to see you again soon.


  1. Awesome card! I love that you made him move-able. Great touch of bling for his eyes and heart!

  2. Love how you made the skeleton move. How fun!