Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sparkly Blingy Shimmery - Ahhhhh my kind of challenge

Hey there all of you Bombshell peeps and blogland buddies - the October pin-up challenge is to create with your Bombshell stamps and include some bling, sparkle, shimmer and shine in the Halloween colors of black, orange, green or purple. Your creation does not need to be Halloween themed however. In fact, even better if it isn't!

Ok... I have to say 1) Sparkle and Bling - YAY! 2) green and purple and black are great (orange - Uh - Aggies are allergic) and 3) - It is October so I had to go with Halloween themed. Sorry Ms. October - I had to!

I used some background paper and Stickled the heck out of it. :-) For the witch I used Bombshell Angel and Halloween Costume. I will be honest - I do not know the colors I used on her. I forgot to write them down. I do know that I went over certain items with a shiny stardust gel pen. You can see it as streaks like spiderwebs on her corset. In real life it doesn't reflect quite as much and it just looks all sparkly. :-)

I actually really like how this turned out. It was very simple, but I love the sparkliness of it.

Now, I hope if you didn't come here from the Bombshell blog that you go on over and check it out, and maybe stick around a bit and play along with us for the chance to win some pretty cool stamps!



  1. I am totally spellbound by this card. So, sorry but it had to be said.

    The vintage look to this card and all the stickles is excellent. If it needs a home, you have my address.

  2. This is insanely cool. I am so in love with it. That paper rocks, your sparkle is amazing, and I just love how you colored your witch.

  3. Alanie, I adore your card - it's just fab. Love that paper too.

  4. Alaine, I love your card and actually love your amazing coloring and design and I have a post on my site I would like to see please. Stop over and have a look please.

  5. Amazing card! I love the stickles and background paper.