Saturday, August 7, 2010

Burlesque Bombshell

Bombshell stamps has a monthly theme challenge. This is the first time I am playing along with them. This months theme is Burlesque.

When I think of Burlesque, I always imagine everything in the vintage sepia and grey tones of old timey photos. For this one, I enlisted the help of a couple of coworkers. I colored up my Angel, and then took her into work. A co-worker talked about velvet drapes, fan dancers and a spotlight on the girl. I took that and ran with it (Thanks Doug). So another friend of mine and I went to JoAnns at lunch and we found this lovely maroon velvet, the feather with the pearl danglies, and the background paper (Thanks Heather).

The lovely lady is colored in all different colors of Grey. I used the W00, W1, W3 for her body, and a little darker W6 and W7 for her hair.  For her outfit I colored everything with C0. Then I edged the rest using C1, C3 and C5. After blending, I wanted to make it look sheer on her... so I went back over it with W1. So in a close up in the middle... it looks like you can see her skin through it.

I added a little RV91 on her cheeks, shoulders, chest, legs and arms to give a little blush. I also went over it on the flower a bit.

My cutting skills were a little rusty when I cut her out.  On her outfit to give the appearance of lace, I added a little detailing above the top and at the legs. 

I used a Nestie to cut out the opening for the stage, and the frame for the sentiment. The velvet is draped behind the silver paper frame. The things holding the drapes back I got from Office Max (we went school supply shopping last night).

I hope you like it. My youngest daughter actually asked if she could have it, so I may frame it for her. 

Hope you have a nice whats left of the weekend!

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