Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boysenberry Beauty

The release week challenge over at Flourishes is a winter thaw photo-inspiration challenge. Well we all need a thaw because BRRRRRrrr... I just bought the Berries set from Flourishes, and although I know that these are supposed to be raspberries, I like boysenberries better. Go figure.

Most people are only familiar with Boysenberries from IHOP syrup (IMO the best of the flavored syrups at IHOP). I like Boysenberry jelly though too. YUM. Boysenberries are real. They are a cross between a blackberry, raspberry and a loganberry. Now here is the weird part. Loganberries are crosses between raspberries and blackberries... So wouldn't a Boysenberry be a loganberry????? And something I did not know, is that they have almost twice the anti-oxidants as blueberries. WOW.

I am not really sure if I got the color quite right. I tried really hard. I figure these are not quite ripe Boysenberries.  I think that I got a little closer to the berries on the front of Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park Gates, than actual ripe ones. :-)

I colored these a little differently than I usually do, in that I didn't blend quite as much. I started off with a base coat of V12. I added shading with V15 and a little V17. I tried to add more of the darker shading toward the bottom of the berries. However, since each drupelet (and yes that is a word - I was trying to figure out what to call each little section and that is the actual word - who knew?!), can have multiple colors, I tried to shade those as well.

Once I was done with the shading, I did one SLIGHT blend with the V12. Then I went back. Boysenberries have a reddish tint in addition to the purple. So in certain areas (darker primarily and some of the lighter drupelets), I added RV17 to it and blended SOME of it with the V12, but not all.

The Leaves and Stems are G21, 24, 28, and the flowers have a touch of Y0000 along the petals, and Y11 in the center.

To finish off the card I found a background paper of this purpley boysenberry color, and used the Lacy Square Nestie to cut it out. Through some weird twist of fate, I had a purple ribbon that matches almost perfectly.  The Nestie is popped up off of the white background. I am not sure if you can see it here, but the white is spritzed with Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Mist to give it a crystally sparkly look.  I added the crystals as an embellishment around the edge.

Since this also meets the criteria for the Copic Creations Challenge of Cool Colors, I am also entering it in that challenge.

Hope you all liked your tutorial on Boysenberries. LOL. Now I am hungry and going to go find something to eat.  Hope to see you again soon.



  1. Alaine,
    You make me laugh - I agree a boysenberry seems like it should be a loganberry. I've had rasberries, but never boysenberries or loganberries. Your card is so beautiful - and your coloring just makes me drool! P.S. Thanks for the lessons on the berries!! Hope you had a good week-end.

  2. Absolutely fabulous!! I saw this on Flourishes TT Challenge for the Winter Thaw, and I LOVE IT!!! Fantastic coloring, I am completely jealous! :)

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color of those berries, and they are colored perfectly! The pearl frame is stunning! Thanks for playing the Winter Thaw Challenge with Flourishes!

  4. Fabulous!!! Your white framing is gorgeous and I like how you framed these yummy berries! Beautiful card. Thanks for playing in Flourishes Winter Thaw Challenge.

  5. Alaine your coloring is beautiful.. Great job..Thanks for joining us at Flourishes.

  6. Well, now, I didn't know all that, but I have to agree - a boysenberry is a loganberry. What else could it be? Boysenberry pie is just about my favorite, maybe next to strawberry rhubarb. I'm hungry! Alaine, your card is just GORGEOUS! I'm always extremely impressed when I visit. I can't help but notice how that little pearl cluster in the ribbon resembles a berry, too. It's the little things. But a huge thing is your incredible coloring! Wow!

  7. Alaine, that is one stunning card. Your coloring looks wonderful and the rhinestone border really makes it shine!
    Hugs and smiles

  8. Oh I love the variation in your purples in your coloring Alaine! It gives the berries such life! This is a beautiful card. Such pretty details too!

  9. Gorgeous coloring! They look awesome to me ;) Thanks for joining the Copic Creations Challenge!

  10. Oh my goodness Alaine... your coloring on this is to die for! My mouth actually watered because these beautiful berries looked too real!!!! ;-)