Sunday, May 19, 2013

Black and White with a touch of pink

Hey there! I am just now getting my DTBST card up and going. I could sit here and make a lot of excuses like the 60+ hour work week this week made me do it... which is true... but I will just say I am sorry I didn't get it up on Thursday.

The challenge this week is to use Black and White with just a POP of color. I chose PINK as my Pop...
I was trying to go for one of those photos where everything is shaded in greys with only the pinks coming through. To do that I colored the entire image in cool greys first. Then I added in the light touches of pink (RV 000, 00, 02 and a teeny touch of the 04).  For the light touches of pink in her veil I used the colorless blender to pick up some pink and streak it through it with the concentration mainly on top.

This is how my B&W with a touch of something rolls. How about yours. Show us what YOU have and you might win some images!!! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to get a bunch more done soon. But next weeks WILL be up on time!

Thanks again!