Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Study Hard - Or Hardly Study

I am not sure which. We had a long discussion tonight with our almost freshman in high  school about the need to study this next year. I am pretty sure we were just talking to a wall, but we will see.

When I looked at this image I colored today, I thought about that conversation. This lady is up for the count - trying to get ready for some major exam... I know it can't be math, because she has no calculator out and everyone knows kids can't do anything without a calculator these days. I think she is probably studying history - I always needed a pillow for that - because I always fell asleep. :-)

Her nightgown was shades of BG7x, her pillow R43, 56 and 59. Her skin is YR000, 00, E11, and then shadowed with BV000. Her hair is Y11 with E2x family, and the bedspread is G82, 85, YG99. I went way more streaky with this one. I was trying to get her hair a tousled, a little tangled look, and then I kind of continued with the streaks. I really love how it turned out.

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