Sunday, April 27, 2014

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

This is WIND, one of the new Elements stamps from SCACD.

I will admit, Wind was the hardest to color for me. I mean, water is well - usually a reflection of the sky with vegetation, Fire is fire colored, Earth is vegetation, but wind - wind is air. It is breath, is is airy, but what color is it? SHRUG?!!

What the heck does this song mean when it talks about the colors of the wind???

I decided to go with light and blueish sky-ish. The sky over the trees and behind the dreamcatcher is just a darker shade of the colors of her hair (what I have decided are the colors of the wind - except in El Paso during a sandstorm... then it is brownish painful yuckiness).

When I was finished i added some turquoise gems and then cut her out. The background behind her is just white paper that has been airbrushed with the same colors that are in her hair to make is look as if the wind is blowing. At least I think it does. ;-)

So this is Wind... my version of wind.

Have a great week!!!!


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