Monday, December 20, 2010

Bombshell December Sketch Challenge

I struggled with this. I did. I love how it turned out, but it has a bit of a story.

So I started out with the wings. I stamped them on clear acetate. Notice how it isn't clear acetate above...yeah... Uh huh... so I stamped them on clear acetate with a Copper and a Lavender Brilliance shimmery ink. And then I dried them and then cut them out... Then I colored my angel. I used colors that would match the shimmery wings. once the angel was done, the wings WASHED OUT. There was no detail, there was no life to them. I tried to glue them on, and pop them up in layers. But BLECK. And let me tell you - dimensional silicone is made for Patience. My name is not Patience. Finally after getting the entire REST of the card done and these sad little wings just looking at me all droopy and lifeless, and not being all Bombshell Worthy I gave up and removed them and scraped all the excess Silicone off of the card (because as I said - - I ALREADY did the entire rest of the card).

I then decided it needed to go opposite of clear and bleh.... so I went to the black cardstock and stamped in versamark and embossed with copper Zing. I like these much better.

The colors I chose were interesting to work with. Because I was trying to match the original wings, I chose BV11, 13 and 17 for the Lavender. The Copper was MUCH harder to match. The copper part of the cape and the top are first colored in E11, 13, 15, 17... but then I also completely went over it with YR00 and 14, to make it more coppery. Her skin is the E0000, 000, 00, 01, and her legs are that based with E11 and a bit of E13 mixed in. This makes them look a little more like hose I think. Her hair is the E11 series, just more of the darker edge of that, then the rest of her. I added topaz bling to her belt and a little black diamond stickles to the straps at her top.

Like I said, I LOVE how it turned out. The Basic Grey paper and all just worked brilliantly, but I really did struggle to get her to behave herself. She just wanted to be a dark angel apparently, and not the shimmery angel I was trying to force her to be.

Why don't you head on over to the Bombshell Blog and Bombshell Forum and check out all the great entries for this Sketch challenge. You may want to enter too... you have a chance to win some rubber!!

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  1. Hi, Alaine! Great use of the sketch! I like that you've turned it on its side. Your bombshell looks amazing and you would never know that there was any sort of wing issue! I feel your pain, though.

    Once, I remember completely finishing a card using some of the Bombshell Sugar Skulls and attaching the skulls with lots of foam tape. Well, I hated how the skulls looked, but liked the rest of the card, so I spent the better part of an hour scraping foam tape remnants off my card in an effort to salvage it. What a!

    Your card looks fabulous! Awesome save! ;D