Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bottle Tags

Every year for Christmas we get my Dad wine. Now I do not buy any standard wine - what the heck is the fun in that?? So after a few years of this, and him getting some GAWD awful wine (or so I am told) we limit the fun names and get him at least one "good" bottle.

I have been told he has found some good wine this way, but it is hit or miss. For this year I found a few bottles. The first was something called Boarding Pass. Since it is flying and I haven't colored up the Cardinal from Flourishes yet, I decided to make a hang tag with the Cardinal on it.

I used the R22, 24, 27, 29 and 59 family for the cardinal. The branches are E70, 71, and then I added a touch of white Opaque White for the snow. I cut it out with a Nestie, and then I airbrushed with B21, 23 around the edges while still in the Nestie. The dots around the blue layer are with enamel accents.

Two of the next three bottles my daughters are giving to their grandfather. The first, my eldest daughter is giving him. She is the one who loves all things tattooey, and skulls... so she colored up the skulls from the Bombshell SugarSkull set (I have no idea what colors she used). This was placed on the bottle "Ass Kisser".

The next one is called "Chocolate Box" and my little one picked this wine out. It had a picture of an old pin up style head on it, so we went to the Bombshell girls. However, since, according to my daughter, "they have no clothes on" we dressed her up a bit with the digital gown.  She colored up the Bombshell Angel and the outfit. Hers is the green one on the left.

For the last one, I colored up the Retro Cowgirl Bombshell. Mainly using RV21, 23, 25 for the pink, cool greys for the black, and added Spica to make her SHINE. This one went on the wine bottle called "Sassy Bitch"

Hopefully he will have a great time with at least one of these bottles.

I hope everyone out there has had a Merry Christmas, and will have a Happy New Year.

Thank you for stopping by, and Hope to see you back again soon!

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