Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is my Mom's Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM), and this is the card that I made her. It is full of sparklies!

I had a blast coloring with YG0X, RV0X and B0X series, and then blinging it out!!!! There are only three layers of Ovals.  The blue, the next layer is white cut out with an oval Nestie and then sprayed with RV02 while still in the Nestie... then the inner white oval. I like how it looks like there are 4 layers. :-)

I LOVE the topsy Turvy cakes. I have this fascination with the cake competitions on Food Network, and Collette is the mistress of all that is amazing with topsy turvy cakes. These stamps reminded me so much of her cakes, and I think that the bling makes it even yummier..

OK... Please come on back Wednesday when I have a really hot Bombshell card for you. :-)

Have a great week.


1 comment:

  1. Totally fabulous card with amazing coloring and lots of bling.

    Must check out these stamps...