Sunday, April 22, 2012

Home Depot Inspired me

Thought you were going to get a man-cave card did you? No way... We were out looking at the flowers and passed by a fuschia plant. Although I have looked them up before, I had never seen one in person. Now I know how to color up my Fuschias stamp from Flourishes. WHOOP WHOOP. I am pretty sure I looked a bit strange to the people... walking around taking pictures with my IPhone. But really - - it helped.

I colored these up with RV11, 14, 17, 19 for the Hot Pink and V12, 15, 17, 09 for the Purple. The greens are YG13, 17, G29.

I took a picture before I placed a green mat with a white interior on the inside of the card. Wish I had taken it after, because I always like it when the inside looks finished too.

I had a blast coloring these colors, but a hard time deciding how to show them on the card. The black just makes them stand out. I looked at matching the pink and purple too, but it was too much distraction from the images.

All right... must get back to coloring. I should do the folding of clothes, but quite frankly do not want to. :-)

Have a great week all of you!



  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful coloring.

    BTW, when I don't know the colors of things, I just "Google Image" 'em (horses, koi, etc.).

  2. Alaine,
    Gorgeous and elegant card! I always drool over your wonderful coloring - whatever you color always comes to life!