Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sweet Spring Girl

Hello all.  I was pouring through several images I had stamped up and decided I hadn't colored any of my really sweet girls lately. This Elizabeth Bell stamp was sitting there, and I thought it would be great t color it up.

As usual, I just went to town on the coloring, and had to try to match the paper after. I really need to think a bit more about the colors behore hand - I only have so much room for paper, and unfortunatelyit is not enough to match always. I found this basic grey paper and thought it matched pretty well. :-)

I used the colors above. The B60, 63, 66 combination, made a really great soft denim. Usually I use B9x, but I think I like this a LOT.

Have a great week everyone. Hope to see you back here again soon.


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