Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Honoring Bettie

Bettie Page - The pin-up queen. That is the theme that Alison has so wonderfully chosen.

On April 22, 1923, a star was born. A star that we all know. A star that, without her, Bombshell Stamps may not even exist (if I may be so presumptuous). Who is it? None other than Bettie Page. What better month to pay homage to the Pin-Up Queen herself than the month of her birth? So for this hop, I want you to give Ms. Page some love. Make a project, any type of project, using her as inspiration.

She is a very interesting woman. She has been a secretary, pin-up model, fetish model, actress, playboy playmate, expert witness to the FBI, Christian Missionary, institutionalized, inspiration for the love interest of a comic book hero, hand-painted on custom guitars - whew... that is a lot of stuff.

You should have arrived from Kim's blog. If you just happened along to my blog you should hop on over to the Bombshell Blog to start things out right!

Whenever I think of Bettie Page, I imagine the red with white polka dots - not sure why. So, I used that along with a shoe picture I saw. Some of the pics, I thought - maybe I needed to keep in mind that my website is PG. ;-)

I used Girl's Ruin and paper pieced the big shoe. I also used some W4 and W3 to give it some shading.

The sentiment was printed out onmto white paper, and I used the Bombshell Banner Sayings set to stamp over it. I then pasted it on the red paper, and then cut an outline out.

Now... the interesting point about this is the paper wasn't white dots. It was yellow. See below...

I took my white Reminisce gel pen and went over all of the yellow dots with it because I didn't have any red and white polka dot paper. :-)

She is colored with E50, 51, 53 and R22, 24, 27, 29, 39. I used a very little bit of Q00 over her legs to give it a little bit of sheer hose look. I wanted to add fishnet, but they had to be red to match one of the photos I saw, and I didn't have that color of small Copic multiliner, so she has plain hose. Boo.

Ok... Now that you have seen my take on Bettie - you should hop on over to Theresa's blog and check out what she has for you!

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  1. LOE this, Alaine!!!! Beautifully done!

  2. I love the polka dots! I can't believe you colored all of them white! Beautiful work!:)

  3. Alaine, you're insane...genius, but insane. Of course, I will have to remember this next time I need polka-dot paper. I LOVE your shadowing on the shoe--very subtle and oh-so effective.

  4. Holy cow, that's a lot of work girl! Fabulous job on the coloring as well!

  5. Beautiful Alaine! I love the way you've done the apperpiecing and the colouring of Bettie is excellent done!

  6. I LOVE the POLKA DOTS!!! Awesome colors! LOVE it!

  7. You went over all of those teeny tiny dots by hand?!?! Girl, I applaud you! Love that! I think of red with white polka dots for her as did a superb job with this! And your shading on the shoe is awesome! Really great job!

  8. Fantastic!

    Great shading on the shoe. Great coloring on the pin-up. And oh, the patience you demonstrated...
    "took my white Reminisce gel pen and went over all of the yellow dots with it because I didn't have any red and white polka dot paper. :-)" <----Wow!!! Really. WOW!!!

  9. heheh i love them shoes i wonder if they do my size lol ... beautiful card xx

  10. I always think of red and white polka dots with Betty as well. You sure went to a lot of work to get yours, but it was worth it. Your card is awesome.

  11. This is divine. Very much my taste. I have a penchant for polka dots, especially red/white.
    Great paper piecing and shading too.

    Jennie x

  12. OOh another lady who likes polka dot shoes! Beautiful! xx

  13. I looooove the polka dots! Gorgeous card! Great coloring too.

  14. Love your card and what a great tip about the white pen. This is my favorite bombshell stamp.